· The human werewolf syndrome has been traced back to the middle ages.
· It’s a very rare disease there have been only 50 verified cases since the middle ages.

How the disease works
· When the female is pregnant the egg has a very thin layer of hair on it.
· The thin layer of hair is supposed to fall off after 8 months.
· But the way this disease works is the hair doesn’t fall off and continues to grow and grows to be thick hair like hair on your head.
· They have not entirely found out why and how it happens.
· But they believe it’s a genetic mutation.

What the disease affects
· What this disease affects is the x-chromosome.
· If someone in the family had than you probably get the disease.
· Or you could get it later in life.
· But if you get this disease later on in life it’s usually a sign of cancer. wolf_syndrome.jpg
· It has also been linked to metabolic disorder as well.
· This often affects males more than females.

Symptoms of this disease
· Well you are born with the disease.
· The way you can tell if you have this disease.
· Is if you have hair growing were it wouldn’t normally grow.
· Like back of hands face and on the bottom of your arms.

Current treatments
· One way it to shave it off regularly.
· They have laser treatments that kill the hair follicle which stops the hair from growing.
· You could also have testosterone injections which stunts hair growth

Current research being done
· They have been trying to see if its linked to any other diseases
· And to find new treatments for the human werewolf syndrome

Weird tidbits of information
· It’s a very weird disease and only 50 cases have been verified since the middle ages
· It can grow in one spot like a patch of hair of cover the whole body
The people that have this disease usually get careers as circus sideshows

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